b..ro do you wanna see what's in my hand


there will be no introducing of me but there will be my gallery of bortz. pls bear with me this layout is gonna be as ugly as the gem I'm making it about is

wow a wip! We love crumbs of good food and eat it up like peasants

bortz is so greasy that they float in water the more u kno

eyelashed bortz exists here, and it's terrifying to think that some people don't think sensei did bortz eye thing with a fucking sharpie.

hi theres gonna be spoilers up to the latest chapter. eyelashed bortz does not exist here, you are safe.

  • their greasy ass hair can supply millions of Americans in need yet they dont kno America exists.

  • they do not wear underwear, which I mean nobody in the series does except for the lunarians and cairngorm

  • their name means ASSCHEEKS. i got no clues on how you guys are angry at them being mean when their name is literally ass.

  • did yall know that the reason why cairngorm is short is because she got vored by ghost LMAO

this ends my fact tangent, go home.

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